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About Fireblocks

About Fireblocks Token

Fireblocks About Image
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Non Fund Raising token

Fireblocks is the First Non Fund Raising Token based NFT with Minting, Staking, Burning and have very limited supply making it first of it's kind of NFT Marketplace.

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Limited supply

Only 1.5 million Fireblocks Token in Smart Contract

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Participation is open to everybody, and there is no central authority that determines who must agree before consensus may be reached.

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Price INFO

FBT Token Price Roadmap

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Our Strategy & Project Plan

4th Quarter 2021

  • Research Work for Whole Project
  • Project Approval by Whole Team
  • Development of Contracts on
    BinanceSmart Chain

3rd Quarter 2021

  • Initial Meetings
  • Need Assessment and Feedback
  • Remote Core Team
  • Development

2nd Quarter 2022

  • Testing of Contracts
  • Deployment of Contracts
  • Content Creation and Approval from Team for Social Media

1st Quarter 2022

Foreign Collaborations

3rd Quarter 2022

  • Launching NFT staking platform and marketplace
  • Multi-chain NFT marketplace and NFT minting with FBT token
  • Browser Testing
  • Website Launch

3rd Quarter 2022

  • Social Media Initiations and Promotions
  • Final Review
  • Browser Testing
  • Website Launch
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Non Fund Raising Token?

    Fireblocks is the First and Foremost Non Fund Raising Token based NFT with Minting, Staking, Burning and have very limited supply making it first if it's kind if NFT Marketplace.

  • What is Burning Protocol?

    Token burning is the process of permanently removing the number of tokens from circulation or total supply.The process of burning is done by transferring tokens to the burn address from which tokens can't be retrieved.

  • What is Non Fungible Token?

    NFT is the non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the blockchain ledger that can be sold and traded.NFT functions like cryptographic tokens, unlike cryptocurrencies.

  • What is APY?

    Annual percentage yield is a way to measure the amount of money earned on an interest-bearing account, annualized over a year. The higher the APY on a savings account, the more money you earn on the balance.

  • What is Harvest?

    Harvest Finance is an asset management protocol that allows yield farmers to generate higher profits. It accomplishes this by using multiple profitable strategies for vaults where users deposit their cryptocurrencies.

  • What is Staking?

    Staking Cryptocurrency is a prcess that involves committing your Crypto assets to support a blockchain netwrok and confirm transactions. It is foundational aspect of proof of stake (POS) Cryptos. It is a way to put your Crypto to work and earn an award on it.

  • What is Smart Contract Address?


  • What is the Link of Burning Protocol?


  • What is the Distribution Wallet Link ?


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