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Aboout Fireblocks

What is Fireblocks?

Fireblocks is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency token based on NFT (Non Fungible Token) Marketplace. Fireblocks Token (FBT) is live on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 Token.Fireblocks Token is the first kind of community powered Cryptocurrency with an Ecosystem based on a Unique Affiliate/Reward structure where NFTs can be staked to earn APY (Annual Percentage Yield) as a passive income.Fireblocks is a Decentrazlied project based on “proof of stake” (POS) and “proof of burn” (POB) protocols.

Fireblocks Vision

Our sole objective is to give our users the tools they need and fairly reward them for participating in and enjoying the Fireblocks community. We created a fair and transparent ecosystem to do this.

How does the Ecosystem Works?

Fireblocks Token (FBT) can only be obtained through NFT Staking and Affiliate Program.For every 1 NFT staked on Fireblocks NFT Marketplace 1 FireblocksToken (FBT) is burnt.You get an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in FireblocksToken depending on how much you staked.You also get some % of stake reward of the people you referred.This is how the Ecosystem Works.

What is Staking?

Staking is a technique to increase holdings of proof-of-stake coins. It is comparable to the mining of coins with a proof-of-work system. It takes two to three full-time professionals to integrate and administer blockchain validator nodes, making the setup of staking infrastructure hard. Clients would be able to use additional services like trading and swaping in addition to Fireblocks' security technology through its service, the company claimed. Staking cryptocurrency entails using your crypto assets to verify transactions and maintain a blockchain network. In other words, you may use your cryptocurrency to make money. This benefits the investors while also protecting the network. It is an important component of Proof of Stake (POS)

What is NFT staking?

NFT staking means you stake your non-fungible tokens by joining them to a platform or protocol. You earn staking rewards for doing this activity. You may increase your income this way while maintaining ownership of the NFT. The banking industry is centralized, whereas NFT staking is a part of the decentralized financial sector.

How does NFT staking work?

Staking is a crucial component of several blockchains. The Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism is used by conventional cryptocurrencies like Ethereum to protect the blockchain by allocating weight to validators' votes based on the number of tokens they have pledged. Certain NFTs can generate passive revenue if staked on an appropriate platform. This can be a useful tool for long-term NFT owners who can use their assets to produce passive income rather than just keeping them in a cryptocurrency wallet.

How Do I get NFTs to Stake?

You can Mint your own NFTs through our NFT Marketplace and this proccess is Decenteralized. Fireblocks also allows users to swap NFTs although it does not recognize the transaction details so users may negotiate the price between each other and transfer them on any conditions (Peer to Peer)

How do I encash Fireblocks?

Swapping FireblocksToken to Cryptocurrencies is supported and you can swap FBT to BNB , USDT or any cryptocurrency you want too.We support On Chain Swap for Major Cryptocurrencies.


A non-fungible token is destroyed by burning it. Your NFT is finally removed from the blockchain when burned NFTs are transmitted to a verifiably unspendable address. However, the blockchain ledger will still contain the transactions before the burn.
On the Fireblocks NFT Marketplace, 1 FireblocksToken (FBT) is burned for every 1 NFT staked. Depending on how much you staked, FireblocksToken gives you an Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Additionally, you receive a portion of the stake rewards from those you introduced.